Tuesday, 15 May 2012


It happens every year and I never get there, a little bit because I'm miserable and don't like meeting new people but mainly because I'm lazy.... Made! The pop up shop run by the students and Nottingham Trent. It's just down into town, next to Boots in the Victoria Centre, across from Wilkos - I guess that's still classed as Upper Parliament Street...

I popped in the other day because I was just walking up from Hockley into town and it was there. Absolutely lovely. I didn't get much info about the students involved because I didn't feel like talking (I've discovered podcasts on my shiny new phone so I'm catching up on all the Freakonomics episodes - fantastic, if a little anti-social...). But the wares on offer were fabulous. I took photos - lots of them:

I LOVED these lobster claw necklaces. Like seriously LOVED them!

There's some fantastic stuff - at all price points. I bought these fabulous little earrings:

Not that you can see them in that photo - they're little blue roses and only £3. That's a bloody bargain!

So go out and support our students folks, they're trying their best and doing really well! 

I had to tell you about this today because the store closes at some time in early June but tomorrow I will tell you about my holiday. It was bloody marvellous!

Love Eleanor. :)

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  1. I bought a couple of lovely mugs from there on Saturday :-)