Wednesday, 16 May 2012

On my Jollies

I saw:

A beautiful sky. 

The sea as sawn was breaking (and some people doing tai chi). 

A shell with a pearl in it. 

Incredible glass ceilings.

A Samurai outfit. 

Incredible colours. 

A lovely wool shop that reminded me of home. 

Hand knitted gloves. 


The most adorable little sweet shop ever. 

Fish and chips by the sea. In the rain. This is England.

A tug boat!

Beautiful lamp posts by the sea.

My bike for the day!

Surfers. Standing up. And it wasn't Newquay.

Stalactites forming!

A hideous cliff lift. 

Kite surfers and watched them for an hour. It was amazing really. They sort of run into the sea, allow the kite to catch a breeze and pull them a couple of metres into the air, shove the board underneath them and hope for the best on landing. Spectacular!

And then, despite all expectations (and hopes if I'm honest...), I met new people and made friends!

That's Sylvia and the lovely Stan. 

Alastair and Stanley. Alastair bought me the cutest teddy bear you ever did see on the way home. 

Alastair in the background and John in the foreground looking rather confused...

And these are the girls me (obviously), Sandra and Sylvia. 

Oh didn't I have a lovely lovely lovely time!!! It was fantastic! I can't say the weather was great, and I didn't get as much knitting done as I had hoped, but I went out and did stuff; walked for miles, swam, rode a bike, played in the arcades, ate gammon and visited my first proper wool shop since I opened this shop. And I did it all on my own! I came straight home and started looking for the next holiday. It'll be a while though. 

Tomorrow I'll talk to you about the wool shop I visited. It was fabulous! I didn't want to bore you about my holiday but I thought I ought to let you know how it went seeing as I wouldn't shut up about it before I went...

Love Eleanor. 

P.s. I forgot about this:

It's a mosaic of the most fabulous little beach huts painted in a rainbow right down on the sea front. What I wouldn't give to own one of these The blue one I took from front on I think (although it was actually, definitely, green in real life...). Do you think the council would mind if I just lived there and knitted on the sea front all day every day? The black and red one I took because apparently that was the first beach hut in the UK... not sure I believe that. And the very last picture was my hotel - just to fill up space - it was marvellous despite my reservations about the reviews on certain websites... Very clean and accommodating. Maybe the owner was a little... reserved, shall we say but you can't have everything right? I would tell everybody to go there! Perfect positioning for the price - perfect! Click here to get through to the Kensington Hotel's website. 

Really am going now... love Eleanor. :)

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