Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The livin' is easy.

There's not been an awful lot to blog about recently if we're honest. The shop has been relatively slow because of the weather and I've been knitting like mad to get through my commissions. I've been invited as an 'industry professional' to the final show for the Nottingham Trent Art and Design students tomorrow (at least that's what I think it is - I was lured with the promise of free booze...) so I'll have a blog about that on Friday hopefully. I'm mostly looking forward to it because there have been a couple of manic commissions that I've done for the students and forgotten to photograph because everything was so fast and furious. So I'm hoping to stumble over some of my work there and get photos for rav. That'll be nice.

Apart from that I've been mostly dying in the heat. Blurgh.

I do have three photos to show you though.

Photo number one:

My nearly finished Oranje. It is finished now but I'm almost of the opinion that it was better as a jumper than a cardigan... I stayed up until 3 in the morning on Tuesday finishing it (and taking advantage of my last free day of netflix) and got it done. Don't get me wrong I like it - I'm just wondering if I shouldn't make another one, in green, and leave it as a jumper?! I'll post a picture of the FO once it's dried and not so warm that I might die if I wear it...

This is our 'Jubilee' window. I couldn't get a picture of the whole thing without it being obscured by the beautiful buildings across the street. Essentially - it's a whole load of blue, red and white and some picnic stuff. :) My friend Masa helped me do it (that's pronounced 'Marsha' but she prefers to be called 'Marsh Marsh'. Actually, she probably doesn't but that's what I call her). She's brilliantly talented and artistic and has that knack of placing something so that it looks like it just fell down beautifully. Makes me sick. One day I'll do a blog post of her fabric pen creations - mega talented. 

And this is what just happened to me which caused me to want to write the blog. I threaded up a needle to sew a commission that I've been doing together and what should happen but I magically split the plies of the yarn and get the needle attached to just two of them and not the other one. The mystery of this is that I hadn't split the plies all of the way down the yarn - I'm pretty sure that would have left a splitty mess and I hadn't broken one of the plies either. It's a bit magic and a bit of a mystery.

Love Eleanor.

P.s. I was just reading through this when I customer walked in and we were having a good chat. I decided to cut the yarn and rethread the needle to the end that was left and get on with it whilst we were chatting. I finished that bit, then I was preparing to thread the next bit of yarn to do the next bit of sewing and this happened:

So maybe I'm not magical or mystical but a silly old tit who breaks sewing up needles. Who does that?!?!?!

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