Friday, 14 March 2014

A little leftover from the wedding.

I forgot about this and I am atrocious for it but I will explain why. Remember when me and Verity were making the bouquets and I got a bit over excited about this tiny little hook???

It was to go on the end of her bouquet as you can see here but somewhere in between her house and the wedding shop where she was picking up her altered dress, it fell off! She was a bit distraught. She came into the shop for her weekly stock up and told me about it and straight away I sent off a message to Fleabubs Handmade by Lala to see if she could make one like the original. And boy did she deliver!

She already knew the colourscheme of the wedding, being one of the many contributers to the bouquet so she suggested a grey rainbow colourscheme and it was perfect. The parcel arrived within a couple of days and well before it needed to be here (so organised!!!!).

Inside was not only the most perfect tiny little hooooooook:

But two big sizes to match too!!!! (Didn't get a proper photo of them because I'm terrible!).

Nicola had engraved on them all "V < 3 M" and the date of the wedding which was just the most perfect thing ever. You really do get personal service with tiny little businesses don't you? Right at that moment I was desperate for a 4mm hook so I took that size in the big version which left Verity with a tiny one for the bouquet and a 3.5mm which is a dead useful size.


And little jingly buttons on the bottom. :)

I also ought to say that there were two little chocolates in the parcel in the shape of hearts but I'd had a stressful day which started with the council chopping down a load of very old trees (ugh) and I reasoned that Verity was on some sort of healthy eating kick for the wedding so I gobbled them up (sorry Nicola!).

A couple of days later Verity texted me to tell me that she'd only found the bloody original hook! Somewhere in the boot of the car I think. Ugh. Which meant that the grand handover was a bit damp squib-by from my end - here I am, for once in my life doing something thoughtful and the thought wasn't bloody needed! But actually, later on in the morning, me and Verity's sister used the tiny hooks to do up the incredible amount of buttons on the back of the dress, one of us starting from the top and one of us starting from the bottom. We made quick work of that!

Scared of losing the tiny hooks on the day Verity kept them in a bag that she'd made with some little trinkets and mementos that she wanted with her so it was all very special and a bit sickly. Haha.

Another MASSIVE thankyou to Nicola from Handmade By Lala for all of the extra attention that she gave to me and Verity and for making the day a bit more special with her flowers and her hooks and her effort. She's a beaut.

Love Eleanor.


  1. are most welcome. Can't believe you ate her chocolate though.......that's an outrage!!!!

  2. I love the attention to detail that Nicola gives to her products. She is amazing. I ordered a set of hooks for a friend's birthday and she inscribed all of them with my friend's name! The extra attention is what makes small businesses brilliant.