Thursday, 20 March 2014


Can you remember Jazz?

Remember her now? :)

That's her modelling her new Owls Jumper by Kate Davies in the Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky in the Mole colourway. I wanted to talk to you about it because I'm dead bloody proud of her.

Jazz is an overthinker. A serious overthinker when it comes to knitting. I tell her this all the time. She'll take months, sometimes years, to start a project. She trawls through Rav for comments on patterns and yarn reviews, she'll buy a skein, bring it back, buy another, knit a swatch, buy another, start the garment, stop the garment, buy more wool, take it back and so on and so on. I tell her this all the time. The stuff that she ends up with is beautiful but I'm sure it causes too much heartache. And I want to talk about this Owls Jumper because she didn't do it! She saw the yarn, bought the yarn, knitted the jumper and now she's wearing it. All in a matter of two months or so. To say I'm shocked is an understatement!

And look how lovely it is! How well it fits! How perfect the colour is! And how it's making her dance with joy! A LOT of twerking happened in the shop yesterday. :)

It's a lovely jumper in and of itself. Jazz reckons the pattern veers towards entirely too stark instructions to over explaining within a sentence or two but the amount of people that have made it pays testament to the lovely design and fit and as she left yesterday she told me she loved it despite herself.

She made a few changes - added about four inches before starting the waist shaping:

And what lovely waist shaping it is! Because she liked it so much she put the shaping for the sleeves on the outside but I didn't get a photo of that because I'm a tit...

If she were making it again, she reckons she'd make it top down because she feels more in control that way.

Have a little look closer at the owl cable:

Look how pretty they are! Such a good cable and it pops up all over the place! Just look at all of the Owl cables around ravelry - click here.

I'm pretty sure that she should put a little set of buttons on just one of the owls - like a deep, matt bronze? Just to confirm to the world that these are indeed owls. But Jazz and her husband aren't convinced I don't think (Jazz was talking about how long it takes her to find buttons... ONLY IF YOU'RE OVERTHINKING IT JAZZ!).

And that's it. I guess I'm kinda showing off about how brill my customers are but mostly how pleased I am that Jazz has got something finished. :) She'll love me for this.

Love Eleanor. xxx

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