Friday, 7 March 2014

Big Day Big Giveaway!


As we speak I'm sat in bed with my coffee, nails done, bags packed (kinda), preparing myself for the awesomeness that today will be. Vezza's getting marrrrrrrrrrried! I am so excited to see everything coming together.

(Best photo I could get in the circumstances...).

Now, I know if she could she'd have invited every single one of you, but the venue is small and the groom wanted to invite some guests too (I know, who does he think he is!?) so to spread a little Vezza love on her big day I'm launching a brand new product dyed by her fair hands and one that I know you lot will go mental over.

...Make sure to click on that video to play...


They're all dyed in the same way as my shawl - remember?

It's not quite the same because my shawl yarn she dyed in a full hank but these she dyed in two 50g balls because we'd discussed how AMAZING this would be in socks and mitts and this way you can have a matching pair. She is wonderful!!!

Every single colour shown above is available to buy - click here. Bear in mind, if the price scares you a little (and it would have done me a few years ago), 100g is enough for a shawl, a scarf, socks, a hat and a bit, a baby cardi and that's nothing when you think of the beauty of the merino base, the skill it takes to dye it and how much the dyes cost themselves as well as the fact that Verity is supporting her little family with this business (and doing a good job too!) and paying for a wedding!!!! . If you can, treat yourself, it is most certainly worth it and you won't look back.

Separately from that - I've bought an extra 100g of the darling Rainbow colourway to give away to a human of Verity's choosing once she gets back off her honeymooooooooon! Everybody that comments here, on facebook or on twitter wishing Vezza a happy wedding day gets put into the draw and Verity will pick a name out of a hat (or an online number generator either way, she'll be the one). Spread the word and get buying. You'll not regret it.

I'm off! Wish us both luck (at getting drunk - we don't need any help actually...).

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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  1. Beautiful
    Have a wonderful day
    Don't forget we want to see the photos