Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ahh - New Yarn

Ooooh, ahhh. Pretty colours. One of my customers came in today just to soothe her nerves by looking at the pretty colours. I understand how she feels. It's like a colourful grotto in here when everything's tidy, organised and in it's place (not that I can claim that the whole place is tidy but I was here until 10 o'clock last night moving bits around and filling up shelves).

I'll do a more detailed post about how these bits work up when I've got around to making stuff with them but for now, you're getting links. So, here goes.

First of all we have the f-a-b-ulous (say that in an American sistah voice) Cotton 4ply from Patons:

This is a lovely, strong, smooth yarn - mercerised for your shiny pleasure and literally a joy to work with. I've started a top in it (it's gone a bit wrong but I think that's mainly because Rowan think that if you're past a size ten then you must be absolutely and totally humongous, we couldn't possibly just be normal, even pretty, even awesome with just a few extra bulges. Blurgh.). It's pretty though, look see:

I'll keep you updated on that - really enjoying it! Also, as a side note, how fantastic is my hair?!!? :)

Next up we have the DK equivalent. Presenting the 100% Cotton DK by Patons:

I've worked with this too even if I forgot... It's the red yarn from here:

Lovely it was to work with too!

When I ordered these two yarns I ordered the whole selection of colours over the two ranges and doubled up only on white, cream, black and fuschia (apparently... though we've actually already sold out of the fuschia 4ply). The idea was that if you liked a colour in one of the ranges but wanted it in the other weight I could order it in, it'd be there in a few days, you'd be happy and we'd be building the range up. But, I think because it's that funny 'beginning of a new season' time, some of the colours are out of stock at their end so I haven't ended up with the whole range. It still applies that if you see something in one then we can get it in the other but there are a few colours missing. We'll add to it asap - bear with us!

There's also a brilliant pattern book that I ordered that was out of stock. Frustrating ey!? It'll all be in here within a few weeks and crafting, if nothing else, teaches us patience. :)

So, that's a classic yarn that's been around for years and years and years - tried and tested. Here's something that's not tried and tested but I really can't see how it couldn't become a classic because it is literally so soft you can barely feel it's in your hands. Weird really but I kinda like it... Might I present to you the beautiful Cottonsoft DK:

I'm really excited about trying this - so much so that I'm thinking of putting my eleventy-million WIPS on hold so that I can just do something in it. Do you know what I mean?

This is another one of those things where the stock is out at their end, so there are a few colours missing but mainly it's creams, ecrus and whites so I wouldn't worry too much.

A funny thing is, when the Patons malarky turned up about a minute later the yarn rep for King Cole came through the door and he said in mock disgust 'urgh, what you buying their yarn for??'. I said 'because you won't give me any bloody pure cotton!!'. We've got a good relationship.... His face dropped and he straight away opened up his little box and presented this yarn. Hmm. What a life. But it's very different from the Patons anyway which is very very smooth so I got it. I must stop spending all of our money! We desperately need a new sign!!

Apart from those fabulous new yarns we have new colours in a few bits and bobs but I won't go on because I'm knackered and I have loads more work to do and those are the main summer colours anyway. So here goes:

We have two new colours in the Riot DK  and I genuinely think that these two might be my favourites (but don't I always say that...).

We have FOUR new colours in the Riot Chunky. They've called two of the colours 'lava' and 'potash' so I think they might have been on a bit of a Pompeii bent when they were thinking that up (apparently, they think of these names in the pub and you can tell what sort of mood they're in by the names that they give them. I guess if they've just lost at the bingo they'd be calling these colours 'lilac mix' and 'orange mix' instead.

We have some new to us colours in the Bamboo Cotton Prints. This is going down a storm! Thanks. :)

And then we have some new colours in the Cygnet DKCygnet Aran and Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky but Cygnet aren't as quick putting their colours up on their website and I've lost my card reader and if I can't steal the photos or take my own then I can't get them onto the interwebs. You'll just have to come into the shop won't you!?

Phew - that was a long-un sorry!!!!

Love Eleanor. xx

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