Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Guzzisue felting not spinning ????

Hi guys,

From time to time we have natural coloured roving in the shop to use with drop spindles. It always amazes me the range of shades that you can obtain from different sheep and I try to include greys and browns when putting together one of our spindle bags for the workshops.
As you can imagine, my stash at home is less yarn and more fibre and I will post photos soon that demonstrate that point. My OH is getting used to seeing a sheeps fleece sharing the clothes dryer at this time of year!!
This leads me into a few more posts about using fibres for things about knitting, If you are an ardent knitting fan than this may not be for you but it you are a bit of a crafter, embroider a bit, like to play with things....the read on :-)

So we start with some felted bowls.......yes, those are balloons inside the felt

felted bowl project

Pop the balloon, tidy up the edges

felted bowl project

the red one works well,

felted bowl project

the three grey natural ones look fantastic when placed inside each other.

felted bowl project

So, does any one want any further info on how to do this? Just ask and I will sort out a tutorial.

Sue x

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