Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Here's a Lazy Post.

I've been meaning to tell you about this for ages but I've not got round to it and today seems like the day. I'll be teaching lessons for the National Trust! The NATIONAL TRUST!!! I am way over excited about this. We were one of those families where the parents dragged the kids around dusty old houses nearly every weekend. I sort of hated it at the time, I'm sure there was more 'interesting' stuff going on, but now all I want to do on a lovely sunny day is wallow at some ancient architecture and imagine sleeping in a mega short four poster bed finished off with a scone and tea served by lovely women in pristine black and white maids outfits. Because I don't drive, and I'm always so busy here, it's not really an option but I can live vicariously by working there!!

Anyway, this is a lazy post because there's not much to it:

The info is all on there and here but I'll write some bits out in case you can't read that (terrible!) picture.

The knitting will be on Sunday the 8th of April and the crochet will be on Monday the 9th. Both lessons will run from 11am to 4pm and all materials are included. The price is £35. We'll be more or less working the Learn to Knit/Crochet 1 and 2 but we won't have enough time to go through reading commercial patterns - but that explains why the price is a bit higher than a normal one day. We'll be making sheep and working with the gorgeous Pure British Wool Aran.

All bookings are made through Clumber Park itself so if you fancy a lovely day out with your family or friends give them a ring on (01909) 476 592.

Other stuff is going on - I think they're hoping that some little lambs will be born on the day and the spinners will be there too. Hopefully it'll be a lovely day, it was last year, so you can also have a walk through the grounds and bring a picnic. It'll be like something out of my childhood!!!

Also, I'm being paid a proper wage for this which is paying for my holiday so if you'd like to contribute to me not having a nervous breakdown, and you fancy learning another skill, give us a little booking.

Love Eleanor. :)

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