Thursday, 29 March 2012

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We've run an e-mailing list for about forever, it was one of the first forms of promotion that we did. It's lovely to do - gathering together thoughts from throughout the month, taking photos of the yarns that are catching our eyes and the patterns to go with them (or sometimes standout patterns on their own), we tell you what's going on with us like events and workshops etc. and generally have a good chat.

It comes out on the first Tuesday of the month. Seems like odd timing I think, but we chose that because when we first started the fabulous girls at The Bead Shop had done some research and that's when they had the best response. So we piggy-back on their experience and hard work...

Anyway, in the March newsletter that went out on the 6th we featured the gorgeous Galaxy DK and a shawl pattern that we think goes beautifully well with it - 3157. And has it generated some sales?! Blimey O'Reilly it has! Haha, this marketing lark, ey?

The day after one of our lovely artisans, Hilary, came in with her versions. She'd seen the version that we have in our shop (knitting by the wonderful Anne, our sample knitter) and wanted to show me hers so we ooh'd and ahh'd and I took some photos. Here's her 15 minutes of fame:

From Afar.



From left to right, she'd used the purple, Mars and Fuschia. I like how subtle the Mars is, not like a 'proper' self-striper - just enough to give it some interest.

Thing about Hilary is that her finishing is fantastic. I think a lot of people get that wrong but Hilary is one of life's perfectionist - her hair and make up is always spot on and it spills over into her knitwear. Lovely, really nice. 

So, if you want to become as inspired as Hilary was - why not sign up and get your monthly Knit Nottingham fix?

This next newsletter we're planning a little gift so it'll do you well to get on there and see what the fuss is about. 

Love Eleanor. :)

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