Sunday, 25 March 2012

up to my elbows in fleece

blog 288spinning 001Sometimes I spin nice coloured braids of merino, either dyed by myself or indie artists who dye specifically for the spinners. These are very pretty, create colourful yarn and are generally fun to spin although I now know the better artists to buy from and how to dye without felting the fibre especially as merino tends to felt as I look at it. So something like this by Babylonglegs will spin up to look like this...

More recently, I have been playing with fleece direct from the farm complete with farmyard smells and general detritus. My latest spin was Dorset horn purchased as washed fleece a couple of years ago, carded, spun then washed to remove any remaining dirt it now looks like this.
Blog 2012 237
Dorset horn
Blog 2012 226
Dorset Horn

spinning charlie
freshly washed polworth

Polworth fleece from a fellow spinner made a similar transformation from raw fibre to a lovely soft 2 ply. seen here after washing.

knitting with Charlie

seen here after knitting. I will update you with the contents in the wash bucket in a later back to the house work!!

sue x

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