Monday, 26 March 2012

Inspiration Stations

I took these terrible photos of an antique backgammon board a few weeks ago. Isn't it DIVINE!? The man, one of Mansfield Road's drunks who collects treasures, believes it to be Turkish and I believe him.

Anyway, ideas have been percolating ever since then - and look what I've acquired now:

It's handspun from the lovely SheepySheepSheep Sue, who occasionally sells in the shop but hasn't for a while because she's busy training to be a nurse (could I like her any more?!).

And I was thinking, that, with this:

Which is a terrible photo of the British Wool Aran.

Hmmm... inspiration stations.

I must admit though, that that isn't as urgent as the idea that's been in my head all day. More on this tomorrow.

Love Eleanor. :)

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