Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thank You Very Much

As you know, this month we've posted a blog a day. Your response has been amazing.

So we thought we would take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all our followers – without you our daily postings would not have been anywhere near as successful. Eleanor has already posted about the little gift in the next newsletter, so we look forward to you reading about us there as well next Tuesday.

June x

This last month has been great fun ( although my own blog has been slightly neglected ) and hopefully you have found a little more about the three of us, although after a few drinks you may find out more than you ever need to know!! Thanks for all your support xx


And now it's my turn!

It was my idea to do this, on the spur of the moment, and what an idea it was! Our blog stats have near enough trebled for the month and somehow that feels like a big massive achievement that I want to tell the world about. I've been a bit obsessed with checking them...

It's a funny old time for knitters and crocheters with the weather that we've had over the past week but hopefully we've shown you that you can still have some fun with little objects, cottons and bright, funky colours. Now the weather's taking a turn for the 'worst' (I love snow!) maybe it'll give us all a little impetus to finish of those wintery projects just in time for the next bout of sunshine.

We've still got a few posts that were written as part of this blog-a-day month but never got up so we'll not go back to sleepy blog time yet and I've rediscovered my love for blogging so I promise it won't get as bad as it was...

Thank you for reading and make sure you sign up to the mailing list to keep up with everything that we're doing.

Love Eleanor. :)

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