Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hello Spring!

I know it's not Spring but I got a bit excited when I finished the last (bloody) greyhound and we had an order in from King Cole so I decided to spend the last two days moving the shop around! The DK is now (mostly) by the door. I couldn't quite squeeze the Heritage in. The 4ply and the patterns are across from the window:

 and the aran chunky and superchunky are all behind me. 

 Look at all those wintery colours - bye bye winter!

I think it all makes sense now anyway.

Also - look what two of my best friends did: 

Don't those little bits and bobs look sweet a-hanging there?? One of my missions over the next few weeks is to get a good few more baby/kids bits knitted up for the shop. When I get ten minutes ey?

Also - the red, white and blue yarn at the top left is an exciting prospect and I will tell you more soon. All in good time folks, all in good time.

Love Eleanor. :)

P.s. I promise a big ranty post some time before the end of this week. :)

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