Tuesday, 20 March 2012

You know you've been ill when...

You've not knitted or crocheted in two whole days. Two. Whole. Days. That's the most I've ever not knitted or crocheted since I was maybe...19. I'm 23 now. Ill is not the word. It only happened because I've had three days off, naturally (and then June kindly covered today too so that I could get back to feeling my normal self). I won't tell you what went wrong but I was reduced to sleeping on the bathroom floor on Saturday night - the cold, hard bathroom floor.

But I'm back! And my fingers are thanking me for those two days off and I'm raring to go. I finished a WIP today. And I finished another WIP which I'll show you tomorrow, though I'm not sure that you can call that a WIP because I only started in on Friday but I s'pose it is technically. Then I used some leftovers to reverse-engineer a little thing that's been in the shop for a while and I might let you in on that secret if you're good (actually, if I'm good and get it written up for you...). I also photographed a few old projects to get onto my rav account.To be honest, it was pathetically bare given the amount that I create but I'm getting there.

Here's a little mosaic of the two important bits of what I've been doing to give you a snippet of what's to come. More tomorrow and the next day.

Anyway, that's a quick post to say hello again - sorry I disappeared and I'm glad to be back! See you in the shop tomorrow.

Love Eleanor. :)

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