Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This was going to be a long gushy post but then I forgot my card reader which is the only way that I can get photos onto the computer. So I've made myself look like a tit holding the computer in funny positions to try and get a photo on the webcam. It's a terrible photo, I know, but it illustrates something...

Here we have a granny square blanket (the darker one underneath) and a granny square triangular shawl (the gingery one on top) both in the Cygnet Aran but the ginger colour was new in yesterday so hasn't made it onto the website. The blue thing is a teddy bear - yet to be brought to life - knitted in the Cygnet DK in the 'cloud'.

This is the pattern that I used for the teddy bear. What a find!!! And this is the website I found it through. What a find!!!

The gush was going to be round about here about how many people must have knitted this teddy (maybe even from that specific pattern) and how many millions of granny squares must have been made in the history of crochet. All slightly different. But alas and alack, I have no time for gushing. These are commissions and my goal for the day was to have them both finished to wash and (sort of, if I can be bothered, if not I'll just put them on the line in the morning...) block in time for the lady to collect them tomorrow. I have 2 and a half hours left and I don't believe that will be enough time...

So, I'll leave you with that.

Love Eleanor.

P.s. Finished the teddy:

It really is a fabulous pattern. Now time to get a-tasselling on the blanket. Wish me luck - it's my third go...

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  1. Aww.. He looks so cute! I'm glad you enjoyed this pattern. It's something I found years ago on another website which has since gone down, so I'm not sure you can find it anywhere else on line now (except my blog of course!) Thank you for the link to my website - I have bookmarked you as this is a lovely blog! I'll have to come for a nose around your shop if I'm in the area :)