Saturday, 17 March 2012

It Didn't Rain on the Parade!

One of the best things about the shop being on Mansfield Road is watching the world go by. And today we had the St Patrick's Day parade.

When I checked the weather last night, it said today was going to be grey, cold and wet. Not exactly parading weather! But this morning turned out to be bright, warm and sunny. Which was perfect.

And my, what a parade it was - it took at least 20 minutes to go past the shop. There were girls in their wonderfully decorated Irish dancing dresses, a bagpipe band wearing kilts, people of all ages wearing fancy dress (lots of green, white and orange), a pipe band, a traditional Irish disco and, my particular favourite, the Irish rumba dancers bringing up the rear.

The whole thing looked great fun, and made me want my favourite St Patrick's Day drink - a Black Velvet. If anyone wants to raise a glass with me, just take a champagne glass, Guinness and champagne, half fill the glass with the Guinness (or stout of your choice) and top up with the champagne. Cheers!

June x

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