Friday, 2 March 2012

Booze, Booze, Booze, Booze.

When we first started we were always going on about booze-ups with the shop. It seems to be a bit of an American thing - I guess that's the friendliness that they have inside of them. Isn't there a little story about how you can tell the difference between Americans and the English because if you're the only person on a bus and somebody gets on, the American will sit next to you but the English person will sit as far away as possible? Anyway, booze-ups (or not, no forcing booze on people...).

We've had a few. We did one for Halloween the first year, then I think a Christmas one, and one for Knit in Public last year (which was my very favourite!) and then we had one on Wednesday night.

It was bloody brilliant! We booked a room at Fade and the Hard to Find Cafe so that we wouldn't have to sit near non-knitters (oh the horror!). We set up a facebook event and a ravelry event and we told as many people as we could in the shop and it all worked wonderfully. I think we had close to 20 people all sitting there knitting, spinning, crocheting or just generally chatting. There was a lot of advice and inspiration floating through the air. And true to my rav name, I got a little tipsy. Sue, June and I stayed later to tidy things up and finish our drinks and as we made our way out I did a little dance here and there (as you do) but there were two miserable looking ladies giving me funny looks sat in the front window. If you can't have a little jiggle and a wiggle on a Wednesday night after you've had the best part of a bottle of wine and a lovely night out with friends, then when can you? I hope they cheered up later on!

Isn't it a mark of a good night out that there are literally no photos? Too busy having fun! But I'll give you this one which was taken just before we set out:

Oh yes, it's a double headed jumper commission... don't ask...

So, it went well and we think we'll do more. We're going to aim for about every other month for now and maybe have themes? What do you think??

Love Eleanor. :)

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