Friday, 9 March 2012

Holiday Knits!!!!!

If you've been into the shop over the past week or so you will know that I am going on holiday. I am joining the grannies and going on a coach tour to Bournemouth in early May! I am over-the-moon-hippy-hoppy-happy-knock-me-down-with-a-feather-and-call-me-Wilbert-excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been anywhere but Nottingham for at least four years (I don't think... at least, I can't remember) so excuse me while I do a little happy dance. It's all down to June of course, who needs massive, humongous, big, cuddly, scrumptious love for allowing me to get some downtime without the bloody nephew.

This is the hotel and I can't work out whether to be worried about the reviews or not. I think as long as there are no stains on the bedsheets I'm happy really. Doesn't it look wonderfully dilapidated!?!? I'm hoping that the whole thing is going to be a lot like this which is one of my favourite programmes. Ever.

So, dead excited. But naturally, before I'd even booked the thing I was wondering what I might need to knit before I get there and what project I could take for while I'm there.

Obvs, I have a mind-queue as long as the phone book even if I'm not so good at getting that on rav but there's one project that popped into my mind the very day we opened. That's the 4th of September 2010. That's 552 days. 13248 hours. 794880 minutes. 47692800 seconds. Give or take... And it still makes my heart skip a beat with excitement about how fabby-dabby-spiffy-wiffy-delicious it's going to be!! (What's with all the ridiculous words today? I'll try to stop...).


Isn't it a stunner!? I've knitted it before in some scrumptious 4ply Noro in greens with a hint of grey and pink and I love it, it's my go-to summer evening cardigan even though it's getting on for four or five years old... I gave you the back view because I would like to be her right there: sun, green, lovely cardi, bike! What more could you ask for?!

This time, I'm going to make it in the Riot DK in the 'Bling' colourway (boy, oh boy, I hate the names they've given those colourways...). It's golds and oranges with a hint of camel here and there. Sounds pretty vile ey? But it isn't and I love it!

I can't even remotely get the colours to look as bright and vivid as they do in real life but what I'm thinking is, and don't tell me if I'm mad, won't that colourway look fab with a deep navy blue!? Oh ho ho yes! Which almost leads me on to what I'm also going to make before I go away, but forgive me, I forgot that I'm wearing the bloody cardi today! Maybe I should reword the above bit so I can look like less of a tit but I won't, you already know the truth...

What a photo ey! I really will write a blog complaining about o2 and Three explaining why I don't even have a bloody phone to take a photo on before this month is out. Let me get the so-angry-I-want-to-rip-someone's-arm-off out of my system first though...

So. Navy. I've told you before how much I love the Navy in the Bamboo Cotton. Oh me, oh my!!! But I don't think I've told you how much I love this pattern - King Cole, 3491,well, really, any of the new summer patterns, but that one in particular:

Terrible picture - I know, I know - damn you o2 and Three in combination!

It's a t-shirt shape with stocking stitch on the bottom and a simplish lace pattern on the top. I haven't actually ready the pattern but it looks to be a six row repeat so I'm sure it won't blow my mind.

That. In navy. Oh yes! Brilliant little summer top ey? And even better in combination with my orange stripy Mythos!

I'm going to write another blog about what I'm going to knit when I'm there because there are three options and I might need your input so I'll explain my thoughts fully and for now, I've got a bloody greyhound to crochet...

(Actually the greyhound is finished now - lots of stuff just got in the way before I posted this...).


Eleanor. :)

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