Sunday, 18 March 2012

more felting......using needles

Again a little more about using natural coloured tops for felting rather than spinning.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I own an embellisher. This is a machine that looks a bit like a sewing machine but has felting needles instead of a sewing needle and in case you didn't catch the original post, here is said machine in action.

Using this machine allows me to felt fibres together ( here I've used hand spun yarn with some embroidery stitches )but I also found that if the top and bottom layers of fibres were different colours, I could draw using just one needle .

rock art

Some time ago,  Chris Gray kindly sent me details of rock carving that she had come across her travels and I based some pieces of felted work around these.

The base fabric on both of these cylinders, containers, pots or whatever they are, is acrylic felt with wool tops and wool nepps embellisher on top. They are stitched together with yarn spun from the same fibres.

 cave painting project

cave painting project

cave painting project/

I am hoping that my my next post I may have some knitting related items for you but I am a bit like a butterfly and tend to flit from craft to craft although they are all fibre/textile maybe bobbin lace made with wool next ?

Sue  xx

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