Monday, 12 March 2012

Inkle loom weaving

Hi , I've had a few people ask about the inkle loom so I thought I would put together a few interesting links that may explain it a little further and update you on my latest band weaving.

To start with I am using 100% acrylic from the shop which is turning out to be a little stretchy and sticky but adequate for practising with, I will move onto wool mixes, maybe hand spun and mercerised cotton once I find a reasonable supply for a decent price.

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There are some excellent tutorials on the net which explain how to warp up the loom and start with the basics.

Earth Guild
and this is a good video although it uses a schacht inkle loom the instructions are good and useful

things like the tension device can be different but the general idea is the same.

If you fancy making an Inkle loom then patterns can be found here and other places on the net

So here is the finished length, would make a good belt :-)

inkle loom sami band

Ta for now, Sue x

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  1. Oh, that's beautiful! I have an inkle loom my sister-in-law gave me, but I've never used it. Maybe I should try.